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Make an impact.

Everything we do is focused on one thing — generating solid results for your business. We deliver internet wisdom, marketing know-how and unbeatable customer service at every level — all for a fraction of what you would pay with other advertising agencies.

  • Strategic Marketing: Increase sales. Gain — and maintain — the competitive edge. Every marketing program we develop has these goals in mind. We research the marketplace, get into the heads of your customers and create surprisingly cost-effective programs that deliver maximum impact for your dollar.
  • Creative Advertising: Our award-winning advertising is a perfect example of how the fusion of strategy and creative concepts combine to deliver compelling advertising that engages target audiences. From traditional print to direct mail to online advertising, our commitment to generating results can be seen in everything we do.
  • Websites and Interactive: Great websites and interactive modules are not just pretty pictures and flashy graphics. They are the culmination of market research, demographic understanding and a thorough knowledge of intuitiveness. Our clients come to us for website design and interactive experiences that are specifically molded and shaped to resonate with their customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization/Marketing: Making sure your website ranks high on search results lists is a smart way to maximize your website investment. We go to great lengths to develop sites that are search engine friendly. And for sites that are already developed, we analyze existing content and offer the proper guidance on adjusting copy to enhance your site. We also develop coordinated AdWords campaigns to increase your visibility.
  • Social Media: We detangle the complex world of social media, break it down and use it to gain your market advantage. From aggressive, keyword based blogging programs to YouTube videos to Facebook and Twitter, our experts deliver quantifiable results every time.
  • Graphic Design: Graphic design is at the heart of everything we do. Brochures, flyers, posters, trade-show displays — you name it — we will design stunning pieces that fit your budget and generate the results you’re looking for.

Case study: SteveLinden.com

We saw our client’s potential to go worldwide, so we developed an aggressive search engine marketing plan and a complete website revamp to capture a global audience. Business has doubled in the last year alone.

Not only has cgp•creative maximized the creative portions of my company’s infrastructure, they’ve taken it in directions I’ve never even contemplated. They have truly exceeded my greatest expectations.” — Steve Linden, Steve Linden.com